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I’m a wife of 12 years, a mom of 3 boys under the age of 10, and a successful mompreneur who shows other moms and entrepreneurs how to easily win the day in their home life and their business through practical tips to get things done, increase your revenue and take control of your schedule with confidence.  Leading to a productive, fulfilling, healthy and empowered life.  I also help women identify the barriers that stop them from being healthy and successful in all that they do.  As the course creator of The Productivity Toolkit (with a special part for Moms), you’ll walk away with the tools to feel productive, confidently walk in your worth and purpose, and create a lifestyle that allows your health to keep up with your purpose.

I am the Founder of More Than Just A Mom, Published Author of Before The Son Rises, and owner of Transform with JaQualia Lynn.  As a Productivity Expert, I have been changing lives with my talks and tools for over 15 years.  Using my signature course, The Productivity Toolkit, I am able to help women prioritize themselves, discover their purpose, and walk in their worth using their God-given gifts and talents.  I will teach you how to ditch the burnout and actually enjoy the life you live!

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Tips to help you achieve success before your kids rise, before the sun rises and to ultimately help you live out your purpose.

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I am better!

Because of the program, I am better, more organized than before, I am no longer a procrastinator, I get things done, I have learned to set boundaries and put myself first through self-care.

Keiona F.

Course ParticipantI can dream again!

Working with JaQualia has helped me to be more goal-focused, mindful of my time and the best part is I am able to dream big again!

Rikki D.

Course ParticipantShe's a real model!

What potency and measure of inspiration, an individual such as she must house to have the influence to impact another individual’s life, just as JaQualia did for me.

Karen J.

Balance is possible as a mom!

JaQualia balances her role as mother, wife, and businesswoman with her love and devotion to all things healthy.


JaQualia makes a difference!

JaQualia has been a positive and multi-faceted influence in my life – spiritually, emotionally and physically speaking.

Natalie G.

Must Read!!

This book was AMAZING!!! I loved reading how JaQualia starts her day! It really allowed me to write down how I wanted to start each day too. I’m typically a night person however there’s something special about being up before my family of 5 wakes up! Thanks for the new ideas, inspiration and overall help for this millennial mom of 4!

Joy Farley

Live Video StrategistI was inspired!

“I was really inspired! As a mom and wife, sometimes it’s hard to have balance and productivity, but it’s nice to see someone who is an example of what that should be.  I have bought your book and a planner and I am working on being more productive.”


Wow!! She calls for immediate action!

“Informative, Invigorating, and Inspiring, are three words that immediately come to mind after hearing JaQualia speak.”

Shasta Partee

CEO, Plugged N Radio